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Carla and the other Danes from Spain...

Nine dogs have been abandoned and left to die in Torrox, Spain. There were three Great Danes, Karla/Carla who will be 5 years old in January, the emaciated bitch in the picture, plus Kassandra and we think her sister Princesa both are roughly a year. There were also 4 Mastins and 2 small fluffy dogs. All the dogs were left with no food, water or shelter for approximately 7-9 days, contained in cages with no possibility of escape. Neighbours have come forward to say, we can only add allegedly that the owners used to go away frequently and leave the dogs for a few days, so it took a week or so before an alarm was raised.

Carla, abused and neglectedCosta Animal Society in Spain were first on the scene. All dogs were under weight and no food was found on the premises. Daneline made contact once we heard about the 3 Danes in need and that is where our story begins. All three Danes have visited the vets and have been blood tested Kassandra and Princesa weigh 40kg and 41kg and have a low score of Leishmaniasis which means ongoing treatment for the next 6months. Princesa has wounds surrounding her body and back legs which look very much like she has been caught up in wire and tried to escape. They both need to be spayed and fed!!!! Karla/Carla weighs 39kgs has deep bite wounds on her face,heart worm, Leishmaniasis with a high score, liver damage and emaciated. She has started her heart worm treatment first as this needs sorting before we can take her veterinary treatment further. She is having a strong dose of Doxidat for 2 weeks and then start heart worm treatment. Once she is clear of her heart worm we can begin treating the Leishmaniasis. This is going to be a very long journey to recovery, Karla /Carla is such a happy and affectionate girl and her tail never stops wagging. As you can see from the photograph, she loves the fire and her wonderful foster mum Corinna is trying to teach her what a comfortable thing a bed is, nearly there. On Monday the girls are off to the vets. The girls are all on 4 small meals a day and heaps of love and cuddles.

Carla, abused and neglectedThis is Carla, who has now found what a comfortable bed feels like. Unfortunately Carla has been admitted to the vets with a suspected torsion and heart failure as an emergency. The vets think her heart problem is due to the very high score of heart worm. Carla is in intensive care on a drip. Carla has been at the vets since 6.30 am Tuesday morning and the outlook is grim. Everything that can be done will be given to her, she has the fight of her life now, but the vets think her condition is so bad and she had been neglected for too long and not to hold onto too many hopes. Miracles do happen.


Carla, abused and neglectedSADLY, Carla has lost her battle for life. The vet rang her foster mum, who had just been admitted to hospital herself saying that Carla had pneumonia, heart failure, struggling and nothing could be done to help her anymore and her time had come. Her foster mum discharged herself from hospital to make the very sad journey to give Carla a cuddle and tell how much she had been loved and a final "good-bye". Many tears have been shed and devastated by her death. Carla was very much loved by her foster mum even if it was only for a short time - probably the only time in her life. With the long term starvation and neglect Carla never stood a chance. Her ashes will be taken "HOME" and a tree planted in memory of a very special lady.

Daneline would like to THANK everyone for your wonderful support and to the people who did care. Her daughters hopefully will live long and happy lives.


After the tragic death of Carla, we thought you would like some good news to see how well Princesa looks now. The pictures below show Princesa before the Guardia released the dogs first into the care of Costa Animal Society then onto Daneline. Clean beds, food and water were provided before the dogs were removed from the premises. The picture of Princesa is in her new home. What an amazing difference 2 weeks of food, water and lots of T.L.C makes!! Which unfortunately just goes to show that Carla never stood a chance. Why did Carla receive no help for so long is the question we keep asking. With the picture of Princesa in her new home you can see how well the scars around her body have healed. Daneline will continue to support Princesa until she is well enough to be spayed.

Below are the before and after pictures of Princesa in her new home.

Princesa, abused and neglected

Princesa, after two weeks of love and care


These are the before and after pictures of Kassandra. As you can see it took such a short time for Cassie, as she known now, to look and feel happy and secure in her new home. Unfortunately both girls have Kennel cough, but have been to the vet for treatment. Such a huge tragedy Carla never had the same opportunity to live a long and happy life, bless her.

Kassandra, abused and neglected

Kassandra, after two weeks of love and care

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