Rainbow bridge


11/12/2004 - 01/08/2010

The vet said we wouldn't have long, but we thought we'd have longer than we did.

The day you died suddenly in my arms and I felt you slip away, my world fell apart.

There's a massive gap I think I will never fill. You never grew up, I called you Peter Pan. You were my world, my friend, my shadow, my sunshine, my love.

I will never forget how you would nibble my nose when I ignored you, the way you used to talk to me, the laughter, the fun we had.

Now I wake up and you’re not there laughing and wagging your tail. I walk alone on our favourite walks. I sit alone on the sofa at night. I'll never forget the boy.

I hope you know how much you meant to me. I'll love you forever.

Sweet dreams, big lad.

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